Committed to Society and the Environment

SITE we help find efficient and sustainable solutions to our clients' packaging needs, and we are convinced of offering the market the best option in thermoformed packaging for different industries, complying with all the necessary health standards and, of course, constantly innovating to be a leader in its field, through the various polymer transformation processes.

SITE PLÁSTICOS S.A. DE C.V. offers to the market packaging products with different resin transformation processes such as; Blowing, Injection, Thermoforming and Extrusion (acronyms that make up the name of this company), all these options having the purpose of molding the raw material to obtain the desired product.

SITE PLÁSTICOS is a company focused on the specific needs of its customers, with a clear trend in caring for the environment, and always ready to innovate and invest in technology that allows us to process products with recycled materials and thus achieve a place in our world cleaner to live.

Over the years we have improved and innovated our processes to be able to produce products with 100% recycled material, thus contributing in a forceful way to prevent many of these single-use plastic waste from ending up contaminating our environment.


To be a leading plastic manufacturing organization in national and international markets, ecological, competitive, honest and humane, which, through its commitment to the total satisfaction of its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, provides products that meet the needs outsourced by customers exceeding their expectations.


Satisfy the needs of our customers in terms of plastic packaging, with a customer service approach, with continuous improvement in a competitive, sustainable and profitable way, through the expansion and diversification of products and markets, ensuring a position of leadership.

Our values


Courage to make things happen, transforming our present into a better future.


Create solutions that add value to what we do.


Using up to 100% recycled resins


Come together to collaborate and strengthen our collective ingenuity.


Be congruent with what I say and what I do.

Passion with determination

Loving our work by being the best at what we do.


"Achieve customer satisfaction through competitive cost packaging solutions, with recycled materials and with a continuous improvement process that meets their requirements in order to increase the life and protection of the final product while reducing the environmental impact."”